Modi group

We at Modi group have business in all major asset class , been a part of real estate from past 46 years (Modispaces pvt ltd) in the securities market from past 35 years (keshav securities pvt ltd) commodities and currency from past ten years. Having a presence in all major asset class we have a deep understanding of investment psychology of Indians and have a solution for them. Through our venture Modi wealth management we try to reach out to our customer giving them best advice in which asset class they should have thier presence considering the current scenario and best way to enter that asset class

Wealth Management

All of us here wants to manage our wealth for optimum utilization of our current funds, and create a strategic plan with a goal in mind for future cash flow or fund requirement.working capital-many people fail to understand that there are many ways in which if they route their money they can gain a few extra percentages that eventually add up to their margins

Our money is reducing every single day due to inflation in our economy, and we need to do something with our hard earned money before they eat our pockets. Many people tend to act unaware and think of acting over it when the actual problem crops up, but that wont help us in anyway.So we should manage our wealth by understanding the advantages and risk involved in investing in to particular assets.

We save to spend in future

We save to spend in future , our minimum expectation is that with the amount we save now we are able to purchase the same item with the future value or even more, else why save? but with bad allocation we end up loosing the value of that amount as inflation out runs are saving.


volatility is a short term risk because volatility is constant phenomena in the market, the research in the past has proved that if you invest in shares for below 4 years, chances of making losses is very high due to price movements, as soon as you go above 4 years the chances of making losses reduces substantially and if you go above 10 years there are hardly any cases of investment that makes loss if invested in working companies without fraudulent history. Thus if we investing for less than 4 years we need to protect our capital more than beating inflation thus we go for risk free returns, and beyond 4 years we should fear inflation


Inflation is the most misunderstood concept, we cannot generalize inflation by data given to us, we have to be more practical about this approach, the data given to us is for the very minimal need based consumption which most of it we don’t even consume on a daily basis that comes around 7 %, our inflation data for education, medical, welfare,luxury comes to around 11 percent and beating that becomes a question.


Consistent Growth

We believe in providing consistent returns in long run through our investments rather than being affected by volatility.


We believe in providing consistent returns in long run through our investments rather than being affected by volatility.

Limited Drawdowns

Investments those are less volatile & well diversified so that we make the best of all returns. Compounding ur returns with the same percentage rather than fluctuating & losing the opportunity cost.

Liquidable investments

investments in liquid form where money can be withdrawn whenever its required with Minimum lock ins.

Adequate leverageing to maximize returns

Rather than going on high return high risk investment we go for leveraging with less risk and similar returns.

System driven

As there can be human errors, we have formulated a centralized & strict filteration process through which our instrument if passed then only it becomes part of our investment.

Your earnings are our earnings. We keep money inflow running every month as it holds an important aspect in investing