Mutual Funds

A mutual fund allows a group of people to pool their money together and have it professionally managed, in keeping with a predetermined investment objective. This investment avenue is popular because of its cost-efficiency, risk-diversification, professional management and sound regulation. There are various many types of mutual funds but generally is equity or debt. You can invest as little as Rs. 500 per month in a mutual fund. There are various general and thematic mutual funds to choose from and the risk and return possibilities vary accordingly. Its the most preffered investment vehicle and we excel in it.

Structured Product

Structured Product are alternative investments using pooled funds that employ numerous different strategies to earn active return, or alpha, for their investors. Structured Product may be aggressively managed or make use of derivatives and leverage in both domestic and international markets with the goal of generating high returns (either in an absolute sense or over a specified market benchmark).


Insurance is an assurance that provides protection against possible eventuality. It need not be treated as an investment avenue that generates income. Instead, it is the all-important monetary security cover that helps you in case of certain unfortunate events like accidents, illness, death, etc.


We help you invest wisely in commodities like silver & gold. The 'yellow metal' is a preferred investment option, particularly when markets are volatile. Today, beyond physical gold, a number of products which derive their value from the price of gold are available for investment. These include gold futures and gold exchange traded funds.

Real Estate

Buying real estate is about more than just finding a place to call home. Investing in real estate has become increasingly popular over the last 50 years and has become a common investment vehicle.We ourselves being the builders in bombay understand the real estate growth and movement.. With the ever-increasing cost of land, real estate has come up as a profitable investment proposition. Thus we help your investment grow in real estate line.


Bonds are fixed income instruments, which are issued for the purpose of raising capital. Both private entities, such as companies, financial institutions, and the central or state government and other government institutions use this instrument as a means of garnering funds. Bonds issued by the Government carry the lowest level of risk but could deliver fair returns