Wealth Advisory

Providing expert financial advice to help transform your business Nurturing, growing and sustaining a business in today’s volatile economic environment can be a challenge. Competitive pressures, enhanced scrutiny into operational aspects by investors and stakeholders, and a slew of regulatory changes are forcing organizations to look for expert professional financial advice, particularly to help transform business. What is the firm’s inorganic strategy? How well is it executed? What is the best route for fundraising? What role does due diligence play in the success of mergers and acquisitions? How does one value a company, its operating business and select assets including intangible assets? How can businesses deal with emerging fraud risks? We provide expert financial advice on such aspects which have the potential to transform business.

25+ years of sound knowledge in share market and with good mentorship for preparing go-to market strategies we have introduced ourselves as consultant and advisor in financial services under the name Modi Wealth Management. We aspire to spread financial literacy and create financial independence for our people. We cater to different asset classes. We believe in diversification in different sectors and ensure consistency and integrity in our work. Our centralised filteration process of fund selection called the Consistent Growth Return (CGR) is formulated considering all the parameters and is followed strictly in all our undertakings.

We are financial instructors understanding your financial goals and values and give you a complete financial plan

Looking at your financial pictures (asset/liabilities) we ascertain your time horizon and risk tolerance. Then our expert does the analysis and gives recommendation for your personal finance and growth plan