About UsOur History

Modi Group started its journey with real estate in 1971 later entering into the financial market. In 1990, we launched Keshav Sec pvt.ltd and took the first venture into financial markets and became registered member of nse and bse. In 2003 we also joined the commodity markets. Our strength is that our team encompasses the expertise and deep understanding that money can make money for you.

With over 25 years in the industry, backed by a strong legacy that spans over four decades, Modi Wealth Management is now managed by third generation entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in the finance business.


Vision and Mission

Our Mission

Our motto is to “Spread Financial literacy”

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see everyone financially Independent

Our Belief

Our belief is the anyone can be financially independent through financial literacy


Modiwealth Management

All of us here wants to manage our wealth for optimum utilization of our current funds, and create a strategic plan with a goal in mind for future cash flow or fund requirement.

working capital-many people fail to understand that there are many ways in which if they route their money they can gain a few extra percentages that eventually add up to their margins, Our money is reducing every single day due to inflation in our economy, and we need to do something with our hard earned money before they eat our pockets. Many people tend to act unaware and think of acting over it when the actual problem crops up, but that wont help us in anyway

So we should manage our wealth by understanding the advantages and risk involved in investing in to particular assets.

Our Team


Veteran in Financial Management, an alumuns of NMIMS University, Mumbai & SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mr. Gautam Modi joined in 2012 as head of investment department. He brings aboard his unique vision, management practices & innovative approach towards educating people on financial services.


Successfully completed Bsc Business Administration from NMIMS Mumbai, &Msc Finance from University of Reading, UK alongwith masters in business administration from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai is a number cruncher & a marketing whiz kid to the boot.


We sync well with the client explaining them every bit of our process and making them understand the simple concept that managing 100% of your wealth is more important than investing a part of it in risky options and saving the other part not ‘investing’.

We don’t recommend NFO’s as they invest in secondary market. Our focus is on ongoing performers who have passed our filteration process.
Close ended funds are avoided as they have lock-ins and turn out to be risky.


Sector funds tend to take focused exposure to a single sector or related sectors to benefit from the phased rally of that sector. For example an IT, Banking or a pharma fund will particularly be invested only in these sectors alone. This increases the risk of the portfolio. We do not recommend such funds.


We do not focus on single segment allowing the fund manager to switch between.segments increasing the oppurtunity & reducing the volatility.